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0 years ago. Among the new species was the the Bosavi Woolly Rat. One of the biggest rats in the world, it measures just over 32 inches from nose to tail and weighs

3▓lb. The cat accompanies the old man as he sweeps the streets▓; however he cannot bring it home when he returns to his hometown.For the last two years, Uncle Fang, a r▓oad sweeper, has been accompanied by a cat as he clean▓s the streets each morning. Mimi not only accompanies the old man, but also wakes him up every morning. Now, Uncle Fang鈥檚 grandson is going to Anhui Province, their ho▓metown

is eight - p

  • ositively mi▓ddle-aged for a big cat like her
  • . The cheetah had three attempts at breaking the rec
  • ord of 6.19 for the 100 metres, set by another c
  • heetah in 2001. On ▓her first try she smashed i
  • t, running 6.16 seconds. Then she did even

better, setti

, to start school, as a result, where Mi▓mi will live has begun to trouble them.A family of fiv▓e lives in a small remote yard in Yandongyuan Community of Peking University. Uncle Fang found a street sweeping job in the commun

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and h▓ittin

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ity, and also picks up scraps to support the family. Two years ago, his grandson brought back a black▓ and or

ange kitten. From that day onward, it▓ has been his shadow. It has been following him from ▓dawn until he finishes cleaning the streets and gathering scraps. Mimi waits by the

road ▓until he has sold the scraps and then returns home with hi▓m.Since the cat鈥檚 arrival, their alarm cloc▓k has become useless. At four o鈥檆lock every morning, Mimi

g a top speed of

will crouch in his doorway and scratch the ▓screen door made of straw with her claws. The old man tied a smal

l bell to the screen so ▓Mimi can be heard when she is at the doo▓r. When he was scavenging, Uncle Fang fo▓und a blue bell and hung it around Mimi鈥檚 neck. Now Mimi has given birth to several kittens.Now the old man鈥檚 grandson is about to return to their hometown to start primary schoo▓l, the old couple have decided to return Anhui within the next few days. 鈥淚f we leave, what

  • 60mph. On her third attempt, despite▓ a 15-m
  • inute break to rest her paws, she dawdled along in 6
  • .33. Rats as big as cats, fanged frogs and grunt
  • ing fish - they sound like something from a ho
  • rror movie. But, incredibly, the▓re is a 'l

ost world' on

about the kittens?鈥?Uncle Fang hopes that some kind-hearted person will foster Mim▓i as soon as possible and give her a comfortable home. Translated by LOTOPeople around the world love their pets. Bu

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a distant island where these night

like the hope of the entire island.For hundreds of years, res▓idents on this island made their living from fishing.And, a good catch is believed to be the cats' blessin▓gs.Tsun

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ma▓rish creatures really exist.

ing good catch. We en▓shrine them because they are important to us."For the cats, free meals are not the only thing▓ that makes this place feel like heaven.Dogs have been ba?/p>

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A team of scientists discovered

declined sharply. It had one thousand people in the 195▓0s, but today there are less than a hundred. And most of the▓m are above 70.BEIJING, July 14 (Xinhuanet) -- Researcher

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▓ the bizarre animals - and doz

ners into giving them more attention and food. Th▓e study, published in the July 15 edition of Curr▓ent Biology journal, says the purr proves irresistible because a high-frequenc

ens of others -

y element embedded within it, similar to a cry or meow, subtly trigge▓rs a sense of urgency.The team of Sussex psychologists discovered that cats appear to be exploiting innate tendencies that humans have for nurtur

at a remote volcano

ing their own offspring. However, in this case the felines subtly bury their "feed me" messages in an otherwise pleasant purr. Lead author Dr Karen McComb initiated the study because her own cat, Pepo, had the knack of consistently waking h

in Papua New Gui

nt Bosavi, they


found a habi▓tat

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